No Refunds to Canceling or Withdrawing Teams

No refunds will be paid due to a team’s failure to field a team that has been registered, regardless of the reason (i.e., change of circumstances, failure of assumptions, inability to field the team, changes in the nature of the team, mistake, sickness, force majeure, etc.).

Tournament Cancellation

The Tournament has fixed costs, expenses, commitments and overhead relating to field rental and facilities, equipment rentals, event planning, marketing, website hosting/maintenance, staging and set-up, insurance, staffing/personnel, administrative and other matters regardless of cancellation due to weather

In the event of the total cancellation of the tournament due to actual or threatening weather conditions, teams will receive a partial refund of their Tournament registration fee.

  • A request for a partial refund must be submitted within 15 days following the Tournament date;
  • Checks will only be cut to individual who registered teams.
  • Partial refunds will not exceed twenty-five (25%) of the registration fee, regardless of the facts and circumstances.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding in connection with circumstances beyond our control.
  • The tournament staff will make every effort to get as many games in as possible if weather is an issue.

Weather-Related Adjustments During the Tournament (including Partial Cancellation or Schedule/Format Modifications)

In the event of field closures and/or unplayable field conditions or adverse or threatening weather conditions, including rain, wind, lightning, excess heat and/or humidity, Tournament organizers reserve the absolute right to:

  • Cancel and/or postpone further play in whole or in part.
  • Reduce game times to catch up with schedule, whether caused by cancellations, postponements, or to accelerate the schedule to avoid the onset of adverse or threatening weather conditions.
  • Revise the schedule, including modifying game times and rules and/or canceling certain games.
  • Interrupt and suspend games as necessary; games that are continued from the point of interruption may be subject to modified rules if they resume, as circumstances warrant.
  • Finish or end games before inclement weather arrives or to preserve field conditions.
  • The Tournament may attempt to schedule make-up games if games are cancelled in the rare case of a team failing to field a squad, whether due to weather conditions or otherwise. Efforts will depend on the willingness of other teams to play, potentially back-to-back, field availability, the availability of officials and other factors.
  • No refunds will be issued due to any weather-related adjustments during the Tournament, regardless of whether the adjustments affect a team’s ability to field a line-up.

Field Conditions and Decision Making Authority

The field and facility owners, not tournament organizers, have final say whether the Tournament will take place in whole or in part, or will proceed in a modified format, due to the weather conditions. All teams are expected to respect the decisions of the owners. Thank you for your patience and understanding in connection with circumstances beyond our control.